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@PlayStation / PS4 & G29 for sale
« on: July 03, 2018, 09:16:10 PM »
PS4 500GB
2 x controlers
PS4 camera
G29 steering wheel + modded G25 gear shifter

Kirkwood / Port Elizabeth area

Can be couried, but cost to be carried by you.

R5750.00 excl possible courier/postage cost

Please PM if you are interested.

Announcements / ... And the winner of Speed Stars Season 3 is...
« on: December 19, 2017, 09:13:41 AM »
Speed Stars is a TV racing show  on the DSTV bouquet, channel 189.

Contestants are made up by celebrities and members of the public. (

For this 3rd Season of the TV show, we had our own Jason Absmeier taking part.
Jason qualified and progressed through the various rounds and eventually won the final race on a wet track.

Congratulation on winning Speed Starts Season 3.
Well done!!!


The Final round is available, along with the complete season on stars (

Round 9 (Final)

The Racing lisencing system as explained by Yorkie 065 in his YouTube series.

Awesomeness personified!
Championship creators will love this!

Yorkie explains in his "Insiders Guide" how you can setup your own Online championship seamlessly with point scoring, race rules, broadcasting along with the tons of normal racing options like weather, time, realism, etc included.
This function has been included after the latest update.(V1.3)


Rally X / RallyCross
« on: December 08, 2017, 02:26:51 PM »
Rally X tips by Yorkie 065.

A brief look at the Race engineer, Spotter & Proximity trying to help you manage traffic around you during the race, along with other info relayed by the Race Engineer.

The Race engineer will relay info to you during the race. Some of the info will be regarding sector times, damage on your vehicle, pitting instructions, track positions, encouragement messages, etc. Often he will relay info that are available to you  but you might miss it during the race. Critical damage your your engine, gear box, suspension and Aero will form the bulk of it.

You may for instance not notice that your car is overheating and a timely warning by the RE might save your race,  by spending some time in the pits for repairs.

The Spotter will relay information regarding your position, compared to opponents close to you or closing in on you. He will warn you of cars inside or on the outside or close to you on blindspots, as well as cars closing in on you.

Both these functions are relayed via the pit radio, which can be heard via the PS4 controller, via your TV speaker or attached sound system or all audio to your head phones.

The proximity indicates are green, orange and red indicators that ranges from green, orange up to red, depending how far or close the other car(s) are.

As with almost all functions, these settings can be switched On or Off or something in between for the Race engineer and Spotter.

The last two functions can be set to Authentic or Always on.

Always on, simply just mean that.

Authentic means that the the functions will only relay info if the specific Motorsport genre actually supported the specific function in real life.

I prefer to keep all 3 functions on at all times. At times I might switch the RE to Authentic  but the Spotter is always on for me.

The RE and the Spotter functions are more active during Qualifying and Race situations.

A short video(13 min approx) in a Custom race where I try to keep in traffic and doing a couple of dive bombs to put me in close proximity. I also pick up damage and the RE:s advice can be heard.

Unfortunately I got the sound levels a bit wrong and my voice gets lost a bit in the background at times.

Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk

Project Cars 2 / Japanese Car dlc pack released.
« on: November 23, 2017, 11:03:37 AM »
The Japanese car pack was included in some of the Project Car 2 packages on release, but has now been made available for everybody.
Can be found on the Play Store for R86.00
It will obviously be available on Steam and XBox, but I do not have details for those platforms.

The Hud / The Heads Up Display (HUD)
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:07:52 AM »

The Heads Up Display is a virtual image that can normally be found somewhere in your windscreen area.
In Project car the type of info displayed can be adapted and manipulated to suit most of your requirements.

For example on a Bumper view, you would probably prefer to have a lot more info compared to when you using an in-view camera setting.
Due to this reason, You need to assign 2 buttons to work with this function if you haven't done so already.
You need a button to cycle your camera view and then you need a button to cycle the HUD.

Go to OPTIONS/CONTROLS/E ASSIGNMENTS/and then use R2 button to navigate to Camera & View and map the Cycle Camera function to a button. With this button you will cycle between views for your driving preference, ie In-car, Bumper, Hood, Roof or chase view.
The 2nd button will be used to cycle your HUD options.
Go to OPTIONS/CONTROLS/E ASSIGNMENTS/and then use R2 button to navigate to Game and map the Cycle HUD Display function to a button.

If buttons are already mapped and you are happy with the assignments, you do not need to change it.
Press Circle button to exit and your selections will be saved.

You don't have to but I advise that you select a car and drive on to a track and stop somewhere. Use the Camera cycle button and move to your view, Bumper, In-Car, Hood, Roof or Chase. Now when you overlay the HUD, you will get a feel for what you need and don't need and where to place it.
While in a session,press the options button on your steering wheel and then on the "Starting Grid" screen(Resume Session, Restart Session, Return to Pit Box, etc), click on options. You can use the wheel or PS4 controller.

Click on "Edit Hub Layout'

From here on you need to use your PS4 wireless controller.and not your steering wheel.

In the middle of the screen there is a HUD Customization block.

Using the left analogue stick, make sure that the HUD icon is selected and then move the cursor to the left or right direction arrows on the screen. Clicking on them will select the four Viewing menus. (Chase, Bumper, Light, Cockpit) with their layouts. It is just a general description it seems and are loosely linked to the actual views. On the track there will actually be 6 car views(Bumper, Hood, Light, Cockpit, Roof and Chase. You can cycle any of these 4 views + Telemetry HUD layouts between those views.

For this example, move to the Bumper selection by clicking on the right arrow.
There are about 9 boxes with various levels of detail positioned around the screen.
They are all labelled. To view the label, move the cursor with left analogue stick to a box and select it by clicking the X button on your controller.
A box with the label name and level will appear.

The boxes are:
Relative Times
Car info
Lap Timings
Visual Split
Driving Info

Along with the Box Name, there is also a Level selector. The level of detail shown can be toggled by using the Triangle button on the PS4 wireless controller.

Levels are:
Full - All available detail for this box will be displayed.
Minimal - Some detail will be displayed, but not all available detail.
Off - Switches all detail of for that box. No info will be displayed.

You can move all of these boxes around, by using the left stick, clicking on a box and while holding the X button, drag it around. Let go of the X button when you are happy with position of the box.
You can also select a box with X and depending on the info contained, you can use triangle to change the amount of detail or to switch off the box.

Once you have competed your layout, for example "Bumper", click on the direction arrow under HUD Customization to move to the next view and edit the boxes and their level to change the layout and repeat the process for other views. There are 2 in-car views, namely Light & Cockpit. You can do one view at a time or all at the same time.

Once you have happy with the layout, you need to save it.

Use the analog stick to Select Save and click with X.

If you did it correctly, you will exit HUD Edit mode and a little yellow icon in the bottom right will quickly flash to indicate that is saving.

Now use a combination of your View cycle button and Camera cycle buttons on your Steering Wheel or Button Box to select the view and then also select one of the buttons layouts you saved, by cycling the camera view button.

Some detail will not immediately be available on the HUD.
Some examples of this are the visual lap indicator, Lap timings indicator and Relative Times indicator. You might need to complete 1 or more LEGAL laps, before data will be available.
Other boxes should show immediately and all the time. Examples of this would be the Mirror, Map, Speedo, Leaderboard and Car Info boxes.

The Driving Info box can be moved around and that will influence the big messages it flashes, but there are also smaller messages apart from that Info box that can be placed in different areas.

Under HUD Customization, next to HUD, click on Messages. A list of about 15 messages(I'm guessing), starting with Generic warning, will pop up.

Select each of these messages with the cursor and the visual cue will pop up. You can drag these visual cues around the screen. Some serious ones I have in the middle of the screen and other I have off to the side.

Short 10 minute video.

The Hud / The Telemetry screen.
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:39:13 AM »
A video by Scaff's Sim Racing explaining the Telemetry screen.

If you haven't done it yet, you need to assign a button to be able to view the Telemetry screen in the HUD(Heads Up Display).

The function is called "Cycle HUD Display and can be found by going to:
Options/Controls/Edit assignments/Game
You will see the Cycle HUD Display function and you can map or change a Button to it, if you haven't done it already.

Pit Strategy and In Car Menu / How to do a Pitstop.
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:28:12 AM »
Yorkie065 in the 3rd video of his series, explaining how to do a pitstop under AI and manual conditions and also the rules surrounding it.

Pit Strategy and In Car Menu / Pitstop strategies & the ICM
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:24:10 AM »
In his video Yorkie065 discusses the various pit strategy options and also talk about the very useful ICM(In Car Menus)

Assists / In-game assists in Project Cars 2
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:17:25 AM »
The first episode of a new series, providing useful hints and tips on Project CARS 2. The first episode we'll be looking at the various assists available in the game by Yorke065.
Check out his video.

Many of you will be familiar with Yorkie065.  He was a YouTube blogger that mostly played racing sims on the pc platform.

I say was, because he was hired and roped in for Project Cars 2 about 2 to 3 years ago and obviously haven't released any videos on AC, iRacing, GT, etc ever since.
He has recently started releasing videos regarding Pcars 2 though, explaining some of the functions.

In this release, he talks about the setting up of the FFb on steering wheels. His info is similar to what I posted, but there is a difference . I mostly worked in the RAW flavour and mentioned that you need to do 2 -3 laps for the algorithm to settle. This seems to be incorrect. This concept only works on the other two flavours(Immersive & Informative), as these two flavours have autoscaling running in the background.

Please have a look at the video

Steering wheel/ Controller setup / Buttons, so much freaking buttons!!!!
« on: November 08, 2017, 03:39:07 PM »
Okay, so Project Cars try to give us a truly immersive sim experience.
Part of it is setup and customization. It is not always forced on you, but at times it is extremely helpful.

I'm referring to the ability to map functions to a key. This all to common in the PC world, but less available on Consoles.

When available, it is normally limited to your DS4 controller.

PCars, GTS and AC are the 3 main Sim contenders for us.
Out of those PCars is the only Sim that is getting this function right. Don't think GTS give you any options or are very limited if they do.
AC attempted to bring in some key swapping on the controller and wheel, but those coders haven't got a clue what they are doing and last time I checked, it did not work well on PS4 and not at all on XBox and this function was released months ago.

PCars has the Holy Grail though, not just button mapping by swapping controller keys around, but you can connect an HID device and the game will recognize it.

That HID device is an USB keyboard or acts like an HID USB keyboard and that is huge!

Even if your steering wheel has a decent amount of buttons, it can't cover all the gaming options Project Cars offer.

Now many of these functions are not needed or can be done within a menu, but other are needed or it enhances our ingame experience.

Examples off these type of functions are:
Ignition - map this to a button to turn on your ignition.
Start - Install a car ignition to start your car or install a Push-to-Start push button.

You don't need this,  as the game can do this automatically, but you can turn it on for an immersive feeling.

Tune your wheel force feedback on the fly while you are racing or change you Anti Roll Bars while you are racing. Huge advantage to have.

This can all be achieved by the buttons on your wheel, but you have to prioritize. There are many more functions than you have buttons on your wheel.

Just to adjust the seat in your car uses 6 buttons, changing Anti roll Bars = 4, changing Force feedback = 4 and so the list goes on.

There are a couple of ways to do this.
USB keyboard - The most convenient way. Very cheap
Wireless USB keyboard - great, but little bit more expensive, BUT, NO WIRES!!! About R300 or more.
USB Num keybad - Usually connected to laptops where there are no dedicated keypads. Keys are limited though(about 16) R150
Custom Gaming Button Box. - The ultimate immersive experience. You decide how many buttons, type of buttons, customizable paint schemes or wrap it vinyl. - The negative is that it can be extremely expensive. Youu can hack a keyboard and use it as the encoder, but it is a fair bit of work, especially if you add lots of buttons. It is a lot of fine soldering and you must figure out the matrix.
You can order a bx online but it is expensive.
You can build your own and use Arduino boards, etc and then code the micro controller to act as an USB keyboard. I did this recently and it was a steep learning curve and not cheap., but cheaper than ordering it online probably. I think mine came to about a R1000, maybe R1200.00 and mine doesn't look great(yet), but it is working.

I really advise you to add one of the options if you play PCars.

Just Google for Gaming Button Boxes and you will see hundreds of images.

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