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Author Topic: How to subscribe or leave a CRcoza RSS News Feed.  (Read 794 times)

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How to subscribe or leave a CRcoza RSS News Feed.
« on: November 17, 2014, 10:58:36 AM »
We have several RSS news feed on CRcoza. The idea is to bring popular news to you, without you having to go and search for news in those categories.
However, not everybody are interested in the same news feeds and this can lead to frustration ito unnecessary unread news items that pop up in the unread post section.

I think a good compromise would be to make it a subscription service. The idea is that you will see these sections only if you subscribe to the news feed. You can leave and join a news feed at any time.
It is totally up to the member.

The following screenshots will demonstrate how to subscribe to a RSS news feed(s) or just as quickly leave a news feed.

Step 1

Your menu bar might differ from the one that is displayed here, but you will have a "Profile" tab in it.
Once you have found the Profile tab, scroll with your mouse and hover over the tab.

Step 2

Move the mouse pointer down and click on "Forum Profile".

Step 3

You will now presented with a menu system with 4 or more tabs.
Look for the "Modify Profile" tab and move your mouse pointer over it.
Move the mouse to the "Group Membership" option at the bottom and click on it.

Step 4

You will now be presented with this screen. It will show your current memberships. The info in this selection might differ from member to member.
Unfortunately, due to the font color, the pic does not show the detail very well, but you must take note of your default member group. It will have a black radio button next to the group.

At the bottom you will see the available groups you can add. You will see there is an option on the far right that will give you the option to join that group, ie Subscribe to the news feed.

Step 5

Decide on the news feed you would like to subscribe to and select "Join group" on the far right.
The group will now display under Current Membergroups.
It will also have a black radio button, indicating that it is the default membership group. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS.
You must select the previous default membership you had. For most members this will "Registered members". It can also be "Moderator", "Admin' , etc.
Click on "Make Primary Group" to save the selection.

If you don't select your default role on the forum, you will only be able to view the posts in the various news feeds you selected.
If that does happen, just go back through the process as described and select the radio button for your profile.

You can add additional news feeds as well at this stage.

Once you are done, you can just exit by clicking on any of the Menu tabs(usually Home or Forum) and you can check under the RSS Feed Category.
Additional threads, depending on your subscription(s), will now display under the RSS feed Category (www.consoleracing.co.za/Forum/index.php?action=forum#c24). As a default, there won't be any post you can see, other than this "How To".

Old post will be available immediately. New post will only be pulled in once there is actually news. For Motorsport this is typicality just before and during weekends.
You should notice these post under unread post once a new news feed come in.

Step 6

Should decide that you do not want be informed of new News feeds you have previously subscribed to, you can unsubscribe by follow the same procedures as described previously.
You can then decide to select "Leave Group" under Current Membergroups and you won't receive any further notifications for that news group.
You also won't be able to the boards for the RSS news feeds anymore.
You need to do this for each group you have subscribed to and want to unsubscribe from.

Should anyone have problems with this process, please feel free to contact the Admin staff to help you.
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Re: How to subscribe or leave a CRcoza RSS News Feed.
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2016, 08:59:13 AM »
F1 RSS News feed
Please note I have updated this feed  - previous F1 site now requires login so no data was being received.
Changed to use RSS feed from http://www.autosport.com

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