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Author Topic: Driving Etiquette / Sportsmanship Appeal  (Read 425 times)

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Driving Etiquette / Sportsmanship Appeal
« on: August 31, 2017, 10:22:13 AM »
Dear Console Racing members,

Please take time to read the following:

I am personally very concerned about our conduct on and off the track, it is somewhat declining to a stage where a lot of friction is being felt between drivers and teams. It disturbs me that although we have been racing for a long time together, and we have all earned our respect on track, that we are slipping into a very easy way of publically degrading other members. We all have our right to post freely and have a right to an opinion no matter what the subject is. This is a free forum, but please remember itís also very much a public one.

Protesting a race incident should follow a very strict protocol. We have race organizers that moderate and take control of a given series. There should at no times, no matter how frustrated and emotional a member can be over an incident, be allowed to post accusations resulting in a members name being tarnished. The procedure as we all know should be as follows:

-PM the race organizer
-State your protest with as much evidence as possible.
-Then leave it up to the organizer and his selected race stewards to discuss and debate a fair outcome.
-The verdict of a race protest should then be given privately to the driver in question.
Itís a very simple process and this has worked in the past. Although we are using a platform (Assetto Corsa) that doesnít cater for an in depth investigation for a specific incident, we still need to be extremely civil to each other. I really feel we need to rethink our actions and remain courteous towards everybody no matter how good or weak their diving is.
This is an urgent appeal to all our members to please refrain from having public posts containing damaging comments towards another member or team. We cannot have this, at all. We are trying hard to increase our footprint in online racing, we trying hard to gain more members, we trying hard to market our forum, how do we go forward when new members will read the blatant posts where accusations are thrown left right and center. I will go as far as editing posts or removing them should this be ignored.

Our driving on track needs urgent attention. There is no need to try and do whatever it takes not to be passed and visa versa. There is no need to bump another driver off the track just because you are being passed or you are in the process of overtaking. Why? Races are not won in the first turn. If you have genuinely made a mistake, just wait for the driver and give the place back, we have a rules page, they there for a reason. We will review the rules once we have experienced the new games that are coming our way.

Guys, our racing is fun, itís a hobby and a time to disengage our everyday thoughts and pressures of real life. Letís just remember how much fun this is and not lose focus on the friendships that have been born here, and the fantastic people we have amongst us. Letís respect each other please.

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